W4BUG Club Repeaters

146.6100-0.6 MHz110.9 Hz2mFMJohn Knox Building
I-95 and Atlantic Blvd
Pompano Beach FL
Lat: 26.223178083119898
Long: -80.13419208828635
146.8200-0.6 MHz110.9 Hz2mFMBoca Raton
Regional Hospital
Lat: 26.358277614801604
Long: -80.10204485284895
442.5000+5.0 MHz110.9 Hz70cmFMJohn Knox Building rooftop
I-95 and Atlantic Blvd
Pompano Beach FL
Lat: 26.223178083119898
Long: -80.13419208828635
442.2000+5.0 MHz110.9 Hz70cmFM
Fort Lauderdale
(Points of America Building rooftop)
Lat: 26.095887854589634
Long: -80.10638210992607
145.3400-0.6 MHz110.9 Hz2mFM
Fort Lauderdale
(Points of America Building rooftop)
Lat: 26.095887854589634
Long: -80.10638210992607
443.3500+5.0 MHzCC-1170cmDMR
John Knox Building rooftop
I-95 and Atlantic Blvd
Pompano Beach FL
Lat: 26.223178083119898
Long: -80.13419208828635
This is a list of Gold Coast Amateur Radio Association Club Repeaters. The club is constantly working on expanding our reach and adding additional modes. If you would like to learn more about our repeaters projects, join us at one of our general members' meetings.

Broward County Repeaters

The coordinates listed are approximate locations and not necessarily exact locations. The location is supposed to help an operator estimate whether or not the repeater is in his/her reach.
145.1100- 0.6 MHz110.92mFMWR4AYCParkland
Lat: 26.31079996650891
Lon: -80.25319987717519
145.2100- 0.6 MHz107.2 / 107.22mFMAC4XQHollywood
Lat: 25.970809309126732
Lon: -80.2088288760388
145.2700- 0.6 MHz110.92mFMWR4AYCCoral Spring
Lat: 26.230378212317614
Lon: -80.24788975596245
145.3400- 0.6 MHz110.92mFM, FusionW4BUGFort Lauderdale (Points of America Building rooftop)
Lat: 26.095887854589634
Long: -80.10638210992607
145.525088.52mFM, AllStar (41567)KK4GUBSouthwest Ranches
Lat: 26.053935654777725
146.6100- 0.6 MHz110.9 / 110.92mFMW4BUGPompano Beach (John Knox Building)
Lat: 26.223178083119898
Long: -80.13419208828635
146.6400- 0.6 MHz103.52mFMW6BXQDania Beach
Lat: 26.052299585933966
Lon: -80.14390041573563
146.6550- 0.6 MHz131.8 / 131.82mFMN4RQYCoral Springs
146.7300- 0.6 MHz103.52mFMN4THWFort Lauderdale
(not coordinated)
146.7900- 0.6 MHzNAC 88.5 / 88.52mFM, P-25N4MOTFort Lauderdale (Port Everglades)
146.820-0.6 MHz110.92mFMW4BUGBoca Raton
Regional Hospital
Boca Raton FL
Lat: 26.358277614801604
Long: -80.10204485284895
146.9100- 0.6 MHz110.92mFMW4ABFort Lauderdale
Lan: 26.114556642144432
Lon: -80.14162000045117
147.0300- 0.6 MHzNAC 55 103.52mFM, P-25W4RCCHollywood
147.1050+ 0.6 MHzCC12mDMRW4MOTPlantation
147.1800+ 0.6 MHz91.52mFMWF2CHollywood (Memorial Regional Hospital)
147.2100+ 0.6 MHz131.8 / 131.82mFMN4RQYPlantation
147.3300+ 0.6 MHz103.52mFMK4FKLauderhill
Lat: 26.15838475671326
Lon: -80.2199490737821
147.4800110.92mFM, IRLPK4GETPlantation
Lat: 26.135023052536845
Lon: -80.26098420657192
224.4000- 0.6 MHz110.91.25mFMKF4LZAFort Lauderdale
224.7600- 0.6 MHz110.9 / 110.91.25mFMW4BENFort Lauderdale
441.5250+ 5.0 MHz77.0 / 77.070cmFMKG4UGKDania Beach
441.8000+ 5.0 MHzNAC 293 110.9 / 110.970cmFM, P-25KM4HJJPompano Beach (Pompano Beach Airpark)
441.9000+ 5.0 MHzCC1570cmDMRK2HXCPembroke Pines
442.2000+ 5.0 MHz110.9 / 110.970cmFM, DSTAR, FusionW4BUGFort Lauderdale (Points of America Building rooftop)
Lat: 26.095887854589634
Long: -80.10638210992607
442.3000+ 5.0 MHzCC770cmDMRWX3CHollywood (Miramar Police Dept.)
442.4000+ 5.0 MHzCC170cmDMRN4MOTFort Lauderdale (Port Everglades)
442.4250+ 5.0 MHzCC170cmDMRW4MOTPlantation
442.4500+ 5.0 MHz70cmDSTARW4ABFort Lauderdale
442.5000+ 5.0 MHz110.970cmFMW4BUGFort Lauderdale
442.5750+ 5.0 MHzCC7 103.5 / 103.570cmFM, AllStar, DMRW4RCCSunshine Ranches
442.7750+ 5.0 MHzCC770cmDMRK4ABBHollywood
Lat: 26.03092192995265
Lon: -80.22629506536634
442.8250+ 5.0 MHz110.9 / 110.970cmFMN0LOAndytown
Lat: 26.145468377744933
Lon: -80.46690388266568
442.8500+ 5.0 MHz110.970cmFMW4ABFort Lauderdale (110 Tower downtown Fort Lauderdale)
442.9000+ 5.0 MHz88.570cmFMK4ABBHollywood
Lat: 26.03092192995265
Lon: -80.22629506536634
443.0000+ 5.0 MHzNAC 29370cmP-25N4MOTFort Lauderdale
443.0500+ 5.0 MHz110.9 / 110.970cmFM, AllStarK4BRYSunrise
Lat: 26.13081367275066
Lon: -80.33532760787006
443.3500+ 5.0 MHzCC1170cmDMRW4BUGPompano Beach (John Knox Building)
443.4000+ 5.0 MHzNAC 12370cmP-25N4BIFFort Lauderdale
443.6250+ 5.0 MHzCC170cmDMR, EchoLink, IRLPW2GGIFort Lauderdale
443.6750+ 5.0 MHz131.8 / 131.870cmFMN4RQYDavie
443.7500+ 5.0 MHzNAC70cmEchoLink, IRLP, P-25KF4LZAFort Lauderdale
Lat: 26.20431070523583
Long: -80.17527206953883
443.8000+ 5.0 MHz131.870cmFMKD4CPGFort Lauderdale
Lat: 26.159845944678207
Lon: -80.23018918719573
443.8500+ 5.0 MHz114.870cmFMWR4AYCCoral Springs
Lat: 26.230402211695772
Long: -80.2479436743299
444.0250+ 5.0 MHz107.2 / 107.270cmFM, AllStarKA4EPSMargate (ATT Microwave Tower)
Lat: 26.249250016021346,
Long: -80.19843245384591
444.1500+ 5.0 MHz88.570cmFMWF2CHollywood (Memorial Regional Hospital)
444.1750+ 5.0 MHz107.2 / 107.270cmFMAC4XQHollywood
Lat: 25.970809309126732
Lon: -80.2088288760388
444.4250+ 5.0 MHz110.9 / 110.970cmFMN4ZUWDeerfield Beach
444.8250+ 5.0 MHz110.9 / 110.970cmFMW4ABFort Lauderdale
444.9250+ 5.0 MHz110.9 / 110.970cmFM, AllStar, EchoLinkKA4EPSDeerfield Beach (Watertower)
Lat: 26.30978690698168
Long: -80.15176681766992
927.7000- 5.0 MHz110.933cmFMKF4LZAFort Lauderdale

Palm Beach County Repeaters

The coordinates listed are approximate locations and not necessarily exact locations. The location is supposed to help an operator estimate whether or not the repeater is in his/her reach.
145.1700- 0.6 MHz110.9 / 110.92mFMAG4BVJupiter Farms (Florida Turnpike/W. Indiantown Rd.)
145.1900- 0.6 MHzCC22mDMRK4WRCWellington
145.2300- 0.6 MHzCC0 88.52mFM, DMRAD4CRiviera Beach
145.2900- 0.6 MHz110.9 / 110.92mFM, EchoLinkN4BRFBoca Raton
145.3200- 0.6 MHz2mDSTARK4WPBWest Palm Beach
145.3900- 0.6 MHzNAC 293 2mP-25AK4JQWest Palm Beach (Palm Beach Co. Jail)
146.6700- 0.6 MHz110.92mFM, FusionWR4AKXWest Palm Beach (Sewage Processing Plant)
Lat: 26.73051925059604
Lon: -80.13558558721671
146.7150- 0.6 MHz110.92mFMW4JUPWest Palm Beach (Palm Beach Co. Solid Waste Authority)
146.8200- 0.6 MHz110.9 / 110.92mFMW4BUGBoca Raton (Boca Raton Regional Hospital)
146.8800- 0.6 MHzNAC 2932mP-25AK4JQRiviera Beach
146.9400- 0.6 MHz91.52mFMW4ESAMangonia Park
146.9700- 0.6 MHz162.2 / 162.22mFMKK4UKCWest Palm Beach
147.0450+ 0.6 MHz110.9 / 110.92mFMWV4ILantana
147.0750+ 0.6 MHzNAC 293 110.9 / 110.92mFM, P-25AG4BVWest Palm Beach (City Place)
147.1200+ 0.6 MHz110.92mFMAB4BEBelle Glade
147.2250+ 0.6 MHz107.22mFMNR4PBoynton Beach (Florida's Turnpike)
147.2850+ 0.6 MHz103.5 / 103.52mEchoLink, IRLP, FusionK4WRCWellington
147.3600+ 0.6 MHzNAC 2932mP-25AK4JQLoxahatchee (20 Mile Bend/Lion Country Safari)
442.0000+ 5.0 MHzCC870cmDMRN4DESBoca Raton
442.0500+ 5.0 MHz103.5 / 103.570cmFM, WIRES-XK4WRCWellington
442.1250+ 5.0 MHzD265 / D26570cmFM, Fusion, WIRES-XWX3CBoynton Beach (Bethesda West)
442.6000+ 5.0 MHzCC1070cmDMRKD4SJFJupiter
442.8750+ 5.0 MHzCC170cmDMRN4BRFBoca Raton
443.1000+ 5.0 MHz110.970cmFMKG4DWPBoynton Beach
443.3000+ 5.0 MHzCC170cmDMRW2GGIDelray Beach
443.3700+ 5.0 MHzCC770cmDMRWX3CLake Worth (Lake Charleston/Jog Road)
443.5250+ 5.0 MHz127.370cmFMN1ZGJLake Worth
443.6375+ 5.0 MHzCC070cmDMRAC4XQRiviera Beach
443.7250+ 5.0 MHzCC1 NAC 29370cmDMR, P-25N4KVLLoxahatchee
443.8250+ 5.0 MHz110.9 / 110.970cmFM, AllStarKA4EPSJupiter
443.9250+ 5.0 MHzNAC70cmFM, P-25KF4ACNRiviera Beach
443.9750+ 5.0 MHz110.9 / 110.970cmFMK4EEXLantana
444.1250+ 5.0 MHz107.2 / 107.270cmFMKA4EPSWest Palm Beach (20 Mile Bend.)
444.2250+ 5.0 MHz110.970cmFMW4JUPPalm Beach Gardens (I-95/PGA Blvd.)
444.3000+ 5.0 MHz110.9 / 110.970cmFMKA4EPSLoxahachee
444.3250+ 5.0 MHzNAC70cmP-25 AG4BVMangonia Park
444.3500+ 5.0 MHz110.9 / 110.970cmFMWB2SNNLoxahatchee
444.4000+ 5.0 MHzNAC 29370cmP-25 AG4BVPalm Beach Gardens (PGA Blvd./Military Trl.)
444.6500+ 5.0 MHz127.370cmFMNR4PBoynton Beach (Florida Turnpike)
444.7500+ 5.0 MHz110.9 / 110.970cmFMKF4LZABoca Raton
444.8500+ 5.0 MHz110.9 / 110.970cmFM, AllStarKA4EPSLake Worth
444.9125+ 5.0 MHzCC170cmDMRW2GGIWest Palm Beach
445.5250110.970cmFM, EchoLinkK9EELake Worth
927.5250+ 5.0 MHzNAC33cmP-25KF4ACNRiviera Beach
927.6250+ 5.0 MHz100.0 / 100.033cmFMKI4LJMBoca Raton

This map is a work in progress. Over time we are going to map every repeater in Broward County and Palm Beach County. This will help HAM operators to locate a repeater close to their QTH.

NOAA Weather Radio Frequencies

Channel Frequency
WX1 162.550
WX2 162.400
WX3 162.475
WX4 162.425
WX5 162.450
WX6 162.500
WX7 162.525
Day of WeekTime of DayNet DescriptionFrequency
Daily0700Florida Phone Traffic Net (FPTN)3.940 MHz LSB
0700 - 1200The Intercontinential Amateur Traffic Net14.300 MHz USB
1000Salvation Army Emergency Radio Network (SATERN)14.265 USB
1800Southeast Florida Traffic Net (SEFT) (Currently only Mo-Fr)
Download Announcements here
146.610 MHz
-600 CTCSS 110.9
1800Tropical FAST Net7.230 MHz LSB
21002 Meter SSB Rag Chew Group144.200 USB
Sunday1800Gold Coast Amateur Radio Association
Fun Net
146.610 MHz
-600 CTCSS 110.9
1930Slow Scan TV Net (SSTV)
(mmsstv software)
147.285 MHz
(+600) CTCSS 110.9
2000DMR Tech Net442.875 MHz
CC 1/TS 2/TG 311037
Monday1900Boca Raton Amateur Radio Association (BRARA)
Voice Communications Net
145.29 MHz
(-600) CTCSS 110.9
1930Knights of the Round Table
Simplex Net
146.55 MHz
1930Boca Raton Amateur Radio Association (BRARA)
DMR "Brainwaves" Not-A-Net
442.875 MHz
+5 CC 1/TS 2/TG 311037
Tuesday1900Broward Amateur Radio Association (BARA)
Club Net
146.910 MHz
-600 CTCSS 110.9
2000Rag Chew Net146.910
-600 CTCSS 110.9
(no carrier delay)
Wednesday1900Palm Beach County ARES Net147.045
+600 CTCSS 110.9
2000Southeast Florida NBEMS Net
(fldigi software)
145.29 MHz
-600 CTCSS 110.9
Thursday1900Broward County Emergency Preparedness Net
146.610 MHz
-600 CTCSS 110.9
1930Davie/Cooper City Amateur Radio Club
RF Net
146.640 MHz
-600 CTCSS 103.5
Friday1930HAM Helpers Net146.610 MHz
-600 CTCSS 110.9
Saturday0800South Florida ARES Net3.940 MHz LSB
1800Gold Coast Amateur Radio Association
Fun Net
146.610 MHz
-600 CTCSS 110.9
1900Info & Traders Net146.670 MHz
-600 CTCSS 110.9
2000Gold Coast Amateur Radio Association
DMR Know-it-All Net
443.350 MHz
CC 11 / TS 1 / TG 2

DMR - What is it?

W4BUG (Gold Coast Amateur Radio Association) has made a big step forward. We decided to do our part to help in the advancement of amateur radio by installing and operating a Motorola DMR repeater for use by the amateur community in our area. It is on the BrandMeister Network and the Repeater I.D. 310035 .

The repeater is installed at the John Knox Building along with the 146.610 Repeater. It allows a little 5 Watt HT to connect with other DMR Talk Groups (TG) and other repeaters around the world by utilizing the internet. Surely, most operators are pretty much in the dark as to what DMR really is and what it means to them. With this page, we are trying to bring DMR closer to the local HAM community and give you the knowledge to jump into the digital world of HAM radio.

DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is a digital voice and data protocol originally developed for use in Commercial radios and later made available for HAM radio operators. DMR is available on VHF and UHF amateur radio bands but most activity is currently on the UHF band. In addition to the over-the-air protocol, DMR also provides specifications for network connectivity by using various TGs on one frequency, enabling DMR radios to be connected to the Internet or other networks and repeaters. DMR is based on the Motorola MOTO Turbo type commercial system. (DMARC)

As long as the signal strength is above a minimum threshold, the quality of the data received (AKA Packets)is better than an analog signal at the same strength. It is capable of linking other repeaters together through the Internet by using Talk Groups, so HAMS may talk to other HAMS in a different state or even a different country if so desired.

Another important aspect of DMR technology is its ability to send short messages to emergency responders in the event of a disaster. Disaster Service agencies or even County/State or Federal agencies can instantly relay and send messages to the people that need the information.

The TGs are connected between repeaters through the gateway control software of C-Bridges via the internet. The important thing to understand is that the TGs are linked together and not the repeaters. This is what allows HAM operators to make world wide QSOs with a 5 Watt HT. Each state and each country have their own unique TG numbers. Each repeater in the BrandMeister Network has a repeater ID, which also serves as its own TG. W4BUG's ID/TG is 310035. This allows a HAM operator to connect to his local repeater from anywhere in the world by finding a DMR repeater close to his/her location, program the repeater frequency into the radio and use the TG (e.g. 310035) to connect to their local repeater via the internet.

There are a few different networks out there and they are not all 100% compatible. The two most popular networks are:

  • Allstar Brand Meister (Our Club Uses this one TG 310035)
  • DMARC (Motorola Based)

If you are going to purchase a DMR radio, make sure they are capable of operating on Tier I and Tier II.

Tier I

DMR Tier I products are for licence-free use in the European  PMR446 band . Tier I products are specified for non-infrastructure use only (meaning without the use of repeaters). This part of the standard provides for consumer applications and low-power commercial applications, using a maximum of 0.5 watt RF power.

Note that a licence free allocation is not present at this frequency outside of Europe, which means that PMR446 radios including DMR Tier I radios can only be used legally in other countries once an appropriate radio licence is obtained by the operator.

Some DMR radios sold by Chinese manufacturers (most notably  Baofeng ) have been mis-labelled as DMR Tier I. A DMR Tier I radio would only use the PMR446 licence free frequencies, and would have a maximum transmitted power of 0.5 W as required by law for all PMR446 radios.

Although the DMR standard allows Tier I DMR radios to use continuous transmission mode, all known Tier I radios currently use TDMA, the same as Tier II. This is probably due to the battery savings that come with transmitting only half the time instead of continuously.

Tier II

DMR Tier II covers licensed conventional radio systems, mobiles and hand portables operating in PMR frequency bands from 66—960 MHz. The ETSI DMR Tier II standard is targeted at those users who need spectral efficiency , advanced voice features and integrated IP data services in licensed bands for high-power communications. A number of manufacturers have DMR Tier II compliant products on the market. ETSI DMR specifies two slot TDMA in 12.5 kHz channels for Tier II and III.

Tier III

DMR Tier III covers trunking operation in frequency bands 66—960 MHz. Tier III supports voice and short messaging handling similar to TETRA with built-in 128 character status messaging and short messaging with up to 288 bits of data in a variety of formats. It also supports packet data service in a variety of formats, including support for IPv4 and IPv6 . Tier III compliant products were launched in 2012.

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